Zettagrid & Conexim Merger FAQ

Who is Zettagrid?

Zettagrid has its origins in 1996 as one of Australia’s first internet service providers (ISPs) then having acquired several other ISPs over the subsequent decade finally evolved to supply cloud hosting in 2010. Since then, Zettagrid has risen to become the largest VMware vCloud hosting provider in Australia.

  • Australian Privately Owned company
  • Established since 1996 as an Internet service provider
  • Has approximately 5000 customers
  • Has a nationwide communications network with precence 11 data centres
  • Customers include Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Apple Inc, Sage Handisoft, HIF, BJ Ball Paper, Dome Coffee, The Girl Guides of Australia, James Cook University and Uniting Church
  • PCI Certified, ISO9001 Certified, VMware vCloud Certified, Federal Government Cloud Panelist

Visit www.zettagrid.com for more information.

What are the benefits for my organisation?

In combining these two companies, we will become one of the Australia’s largest cloud providers which will provide lots of benefits to you.

  • We will become the largest geo-diverse cloud providers in Australia with presence in 12 data centres across the country.
  • You will have access to a greater range of cloud and telecommunications services including fibre optic, private networks, VoIP and wireless services.
  • Our scale will allow us to provide you with more competitive pricing. Over the coming months you will be transitioned to Zettagrid’s pricing model which will mean savings for many customers.
  • You will have access to a larger helpdesk team and longer support hours.
  • You will have access to a larger technical solutions team based in Sydney.
  • You will be able to provision new CPU, RAM and storage within minutes and scale up and down at any time to meet your changing business needs.

How will my services be changing?

  • There will be no service changes. It is business as usual.
  • We’ve guaranteed that there will be no pricing increases.
  • Our Direct Deposit banking details will change from April onward.
  • Credit card statements will now show “Zettagrid” instead of “Conexim”

Will you be keeping the Conexim brand?

By mid 2016 we will cease using the Conexim brand and move to using Zettagrid. Invoices and stationery will change progressively.

Will you be moving offices?

Yes, we will merge the Conexim and Zettagrid offices into a central location in the Sydney CBD:

Level 36,
Governor Phillip Tower
1 Farrer Place,
Sydney NSW 2000

Are email addresses/phone numbers changing?

No, please continue to email and call the usual Conexim numbers.

Can I call the Zettagrid support number and get assistance for my Conexim services?

From May 2016 onward we will be able to take you query if you contact the Zettagrid support team. Up to this time please contact the Conexim support phone and email addresses.

Can I buy new services directly off Zettagrid?

Yes, however at this stage you will receive two invoices until we merge the billing systems later in the year.

What company do I put in my accounting system?

Your service and contract has been assigned under your existing terms and conditions from Conexim Australia Pty Ltd to Zettagrid Pty Ltd t/a Conexim Australia.

Please replace Conexim Australia Pty Ltd with Zettagrid Pty Ltd.