The Australian Service Leader in Managed Cloud Hosting and Consulting Services

As an Australian industry founder, Conexim's experts have helped the IT departments of thousands of businesses and government achieve the freedom to focus on innovation while Conexim delivers dependable, cloud-agnostic hosting solutions that scale and ensure security and performance is guaranteed.

Managed Hosting and Consulting Services

Conexim has been supporting Australian online businesses, government entities and global organisations for almost two decades with providing Infrastructure, Consulting and Support services that ensure their online presence is always online, secure, compliant and scales in synchronisation with business growth.

While there have been dramatic changes in technology during this time, Conexim's commitment to first-class customer service has remained at the forefront of everything we do. Customers achieve better outcomes by making our teams an effective extension of their own.

Conexim's value is in our people: Clients spend less time with sales people and more time with engineers that work collaboratively to help transform unique business requirements into elegant, cost-effective solutions that solve problems around High Availability, Security, Compliance and Scalability ensuring a consistent experience for your clients every time.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting

Conexim takes managed cloud hosting to unrivalled levels, providing fully tailored solutions from industry leading data centres.

Managed Amazon AWS hosting

Managed Amazon AWS Hosting

As Australian websites evolve to attract global users, the need to cost effectively scale, provide high availability and consistent user experience becomes paramount.

Application and SaaS Hosting

Application and SaaS Hosting

Focus your effort on delivering innovative products and services and let Conexim take the worry out of deploying, managing and monitoring applications.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials & Case Studies

See why a range of customers from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies choose Conexim.

First Class Customer Service

First Class Customer Service

Industry leading account service through dedicated Technical Account Managers, matched to the required applications and infrastructure.