Our Service Promise

Conexim’s success is built on a strong reputation as Australia’s service leader for managed hosting. We work hard to earn every customer’s new and ongoing business – if we fail to deliver what we promise in our service agreements, you are free to leave.

First Class Service

It has been said that the IT industry doesn’t respect tradition – only innovation. While the technology and infrastructure we provide has evolved, one element that has remained consistent in Conexim’s history however, is the relentless dedication to providing first class service on every interaction with our clients.

We don’t own trademarks or have slogans to describe the service we provide, but we do maintain a simple philosophy that features in everything we do:

  • Collaboration First: Every customer challenge is an opportunity for us to share our experience and evolve the services we provide
  • Fastest Possible Response: We don’t operate call centres, have complicated escalation paths or have engineers working in silos that only serve to delay customers getting the help they need. We hire senior professionals that have skills and experience across numerous disciplines
  • Personal Accountability: Managed Hosting customers are assigned a Dedicated Technical Account manager matched to the applications and infrastructure they’re subscribed to. Customers enjoy having a single point of contact that aims to work as an extension of their teams – always maintaining a full understanding of your applications and translating your business needs into technical solutions and vice-versa

Customer References

We welcome and encourage qualified potential customers to speak to our existing clients. We believe there’s no better way to give you peace of mind that Conexim delivers what we promise (and admittedly, no easier way for us to demonstrate our value!).

Our People, Our Value

Personal accountability, a strong engineering spirit and building innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what was thought possible on the web are fundamental ingredients of Conexim’s culture and these elements factor in every hiring decision we make.

As business shifts to consume computing resources in different ways, Conexim’s value in helping organisations adapt and exploit the benefits of Cloud technologies becomes ever more significant.

Conexim’s value is in the people we hire and how they interact with our clients. Our employees get a kick out of translating high level business requirements into high-performance, secure, web-scale solutions that help businesses grow and minimise risk, whether the service is deployed on our own platforms or on the public cloud.


Client feedback is a crucial component of everything we do – product development, how we service our customers and the future direction of Conexim.

We actively solicit feedback from customers on almost every interaction, however, if you’d like to provide some feedback to senior management, please write to: feedback@conexim.com.au. We’d love to hear from you.


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Our Service Promise

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