Conexim Network

Conexim offers one of the most sophisticated managed hosting infrastructures in the Australian market. By connecting to major carriers including Verizon and Vocus, and a number of local Internet peering exchanges, our customers will enjoy high bandwidth capacity and low latency to traffic on both local and international networks. Our network is safe, reliable, scalable and fast.

[cnx_map] [map_plot lat="-33.919659" long="151.183461" title="Sydney" content="Primary Facility
Disaster Recovery Facility
CDN/DNS Nodes"] [map_plot lat="-37.8141" long="144.9633" title="Melbourne" content="Melbourne, Australia"] [map_plot lat="-31.953004" long="115.857469" title="Perth" content="Perth, Australia"] [map_plot lat="22.396428" long="114.109497" title="Hong Kong" content="Hong Kong (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="13.052414" long="80.250825" title="Chennai" content="Chennai, India (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="48.856614" long="2.352222" title="Paris" content="Paris, France (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="37.548270" long="-121.988572" title="Fremont" content="Fremont (CA), USA (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="37.339386" long="-121.894955" title="San Jose" content="San Jose (CA), USA (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="38.958631" long="-77.357003" title="Reston" content="Reston (VA), USA (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="32.780140" long="-96.800451" title="Dallas" content="Dallas (TX), USA (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="40.714353" long="-74.005973" title="New York" content="New York (NY), USA (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [map_plot lat="52.370216" long="-4.895168" title="Amsterdam" content="Amsterdam, Netherlands (AnyCast CDN/DNS)"] [/cnx_map]

Conexim Locations

The following table outlines Conexim’s local and international network locations and available services at each location

Location Cloud Hosting AnyCast CDN and DNS Services
Sydney (1), Australia Y Y
Sydney (2), Australia Y Y
Melbourne, Australia Y Y
Perth, Australia Y Y
Fremont (CA), United States Y Y
San Jose (CA), United States Y
Reston (VA), United States Y
Dallas (TX), United States Y
New York (NY), United States Y
Amsterdam, Netherlands Y
Paris, France Y
Hong Kong, China Y
Chennai (Madras), India Y

Network Infrastructure

Conexim's network connects to major carriers including Verizon and Vocus providing customers with DDoS protected high bandwidth, low latency traffic to both international and domestic networks. In addition, Conexim also connects to a number of local internet peering exchanges (Equinix, MegaPort) with direct peering to a number of networks including Google, Microsoft, Symantec/MessageLabs, providing even higher capacity and lower latency to users on domestic internet networks.

Complete Control and Security

Give your applications and web sites the strong foundation they deserve with Conexim's no-compromise Enterprise Network.

  • The first Australian Managed Hosting Provider to offer a mature dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 network by default, easing the transition to IPv6
  • Conexim owns and operates its own BGP Network (AS37996 Hosting Services and AS132873 CDN) providing complete control over routing and traffic engineering
  • Managed IP Reputation and Resource Certification (RPKI) helps ensure validated BGP Route Origins and protects against hijacking
  • Connectivity to MegaPort and Amazon AWS extends Conexim's reach even further

No Single Point of Failure

Conexim's network has no single point of failure in any element, including but not limited to:

  • Redundant switching at every level with all servers dual-homed to independent switches
  • High Availability ICSA-Certified Firewalls
  • Redundant Juniper-MX Powered Routing Platform
  • Hardware Load Balancing with localised high availability and global (GSLB) redundancy

High Performance

Designed to accommodate the most demanding bandwidth requirements for eCommerce, advertising campaigns and web sites, Conexim's Australian network provides quality bandwidth to domestic and international users.

  • Connectivity to major carriers including Verizon and Vocus with 1Gbps+ connectivity to each
  • No uplinks exceed 50% peak utilisation to facilitate spontaneous bursts of campaign traffic
  • Connectivity to major Australian peering exchanges including Pipe and Equinix Peering provides efficient bandwidth to domestic internet providers
  • Direct peering with Google, Microsoft, Symantec/MessageLabs and more provides direct connectivity to major search and email providers

Juniper Powered Network

Conexim's network consists primarily of equipment from Juniper networks, used by major carriers worldwide. This includes:

  • Switching
  • Firewalling and VPN
  • Routing

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Conexim's Network

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