Conexim for enterprise

At Conexim, we provide a wide range of services to a host of Australian businesses just like yours, ranging from small and medium sized, Fortune 500 companies and APAC Centres to local corporate and government clients. Whether it’s domain or application hosting, data security services, or eCommerce and managed Cloud solutions, we have a customer focused managed hosting service just for you. We’re proud of our reputation for ensuring the focus of our attention is always on our clients, and being able to provide the right solutions based on their requirements.

Relevant Products and Services

It sounds like you know what you're doing, so rather than the usual sales pitch, following are a few links to information that may be useful.

Application and SaaS Hosting

Conexim deliver internal and public facing applications (Software-as-a-Service), ensuring they are always available and secure - more

Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Cost effective, scalable internal network and resource sharing solutions through Conexim Private Cloud - more

Hybrid Managed Hosting

Conexim can develop customised, cost-effective and scalable hosting solutions for your business - more

Managed Amazon AWS Hosting

Conexim’s vast Amazon AWS infrastructure experience allows businesses to compete reliably and cost effectively in global eCommerce - more

Compliance and Certifications

Conexim industry certifications and endorsements. Services are mostly hosted from Australian data centres under applicable legislation - more

Our Platform and Infrastructure

Designed and built from the ground up to address key security, availability and predictable performance requirements - more

I Need...

Conexim have a wide range of services and the depth of experience to suit all types of corporate organisation. You will enjoy industry leading levels of security, reliability and performance, and should you require support, our local, single point of contact Technical Account Managers are just a phone call or email away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you still haven't found what you're after, following are a few links to services that you might need

twocol_3 Managed Hosting Services – Consistency, high performance and availability
twocol_1 Disaster recovery and business continuity – Avoid disaster with Conexim’s experience and infrastructure
twocol_2 Supercharged eCommerce – Superior eCommerce solutions to drive your bottom line
twocol_3 Something else – Alternative solutions to suit your needs