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At Conexim, we provide a wide range of services to a host of Australian businesses just like yours, ranging from small and medium sized, Fortune 500 companies and APAC Centres to local corporate and government clients. Whether it’s domain or application hosting, data security services, or eCommerce and managed Cloud solutions, we have a customer focused managed hosting service just for you. We’re proud of our reputation for ensuring the focus of our attention is always on our clients, and being able to provide the right solutions based on their requirements.

How Conexim can help

If you’ve searched through our services and haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry. We’re confident we have a hosting solution for you. We’ve been providing hosting solutions in Australia for almost two decades now, ensuring hundreds of businesses meet and exceed all of their IT requirements. So whether you’re looking for private cloud hosting, application and SaaS hosting, or any one of a number of other high performance hosting and domain solutions, we’re here to help. You can be confident that your data and web properties will be safe at our state of the art local data centres given our history of investing in the latest technology, creating innovative products and providing unrivalled customer service.

In fact, when you use a Conexim hosting service, you’ll have access to customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no complicated escalation paths or canned solutions, the person you call will be able to help you immediately. Peace of mind is just an email or phone call away should you ever have any concerns or questions. We will be with you every step of the way. After developing a deep understanding of your business from initial consultations, we will tailor the best hosting solution for you. We will deploy and monitor your applications, leaving you to do what you do best, creating and developing outstanding products and services for your customers. We constantly monitor the performance of your applications, providing feedback through regular consultations, and ensuring your hosting solution evolves as your business evolves without any disruption to you business operations.

See below for a detailed list of our solutions. To discuss your requirements, the services we offer, and how we can help you achieve your strategic goals, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to working with you.

Why Conexim

A rich history of unrivalled customer service, hosting innovation and industry-leading cloud computing technology has established Conexim as Australia’s indisputable leader in providing managed hosting services to businesses and organisations that have an Australian presence. By providing a first-class hosting service, our clients can focus their attention on delivering innovative products and services to their customers, while we take care of the infrastructure and systems that drive them.

Cloud Hosting Services

Over the past two decades, Conexim has built a strong reputation as a leading Australian hosting platform provider. This has been achieved through substantial investment in technology, development of innovative products and solutions and providing industry leading service and expertise. Our service success is attributed to a pioneering approach of providing one point of contact for each managed hosting account with individual engineers matched to accounts based on required skills. You're never far away from expertise and solutions.

Application and SaaS Hosting

We offer deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting expertise to deliver software-as-a-service applications, with ongoing consultation to make sure we’re meeting your expectations. We ensure your internal and public facing applications are always available and secure to your staff and customers, and provide infrastructure to help Internet properties cope with both consistently high traffic and random traffic bursts, thus preventing crashes and security breaches.

High Performance Hosting

We see every customer’s web performance challenge as an opportunity to improve the reference architecture we use to address evolving performance needs. We start with a cloud-agnostic approach and look at every facet of the application to identify potential performance bottlenecks. With careful analysis using our extensive range of tools and experience, we make recommendations for scalable high performance hosting services based on the best deployment solution to address your ongoing and evolving needs. Our services are delivered using industry-leading Service Level Agreements for performance, availability and response times, and customers are frequently informed of the health and reliability of the infrastructure that supports their business.

Hosting and Domains

We provide small to medium businesses with reliable and secure email and web hosting solutions. Our services include Microsoft Hosted Exchange Hosting, email hosting, cPanel powered web hosting, domain registration and SSL certificates. You will enjoy the same levels of security, reliability and performance as our large business clients, and should you require support, our local experts are just a phone call or email away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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