VPN and Connectivity

Securely connect to Managed Applications using Conexim's IPSEC VPNs and direct connectivity offering private, low-latency and high bandwidth.

Private Connectivity to Conexim Managed Hosting

A challenge faced by many customers moving internal or private applications into the Cloud or on hosted infrastructure, is the question of how to maintain the same levels of isolation, performance and privacy enjoyed by hosting these applications on-premise.

Conexim offers a range of services which provide the isolation, privacy and performance needed to ensure a seamless transition from applciations hosted on-site to those on Conexim's managed infrastructure and on Amazon AWS.

Connecting Offices

  • Encrypted IPSEC Site-to-Site and User VPNs.
  • Dedicated Ethernet-over-Copper / SHDSL, NBN and Fixed Wireless provides dedicated connectivity between offices and Conexim-hosted infrastructure.

Connecting to External Services

  • MegaPort connected Data Centres including connectivity to Amazon Direct Connect (Sydney).
  • Direct Peering (Equinix Sydney).
  • Direct Fibre.

Complex IPSEC VPNs

Conexim can help solve complex IPSEC VPN configurations problems between your offices and infrastructure we operate. This includes routing, NAT and key management.

Peering Policy

Conexim operates a Selective Peering Policy and offers peering to selected organisations over both IPv4 and IPv6 from Equinix Sydney on AS37996.

Details avalable on PeeringDB

Other information that may be of interest

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