Audio and Video Streaming

Conexim supports a wide variety of technologies to provide live and on-demand audio and video streaming services.

Managed Streaming Services

We can assist with selecting and providing the best streaming choice for your audience, delivered from a broad range of hosting options, on the devices and platforms you wish to support including Apple iOS, Google Android and HTML5. See below for detailed information about supported audio and video streaming options.

Supported Streaming Technologies

Conexim supports a range of streaming protocols that are delivered through our CDN (Content Delivery Network) or locally, depending on the locality of your audience:

  • Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)
  • Adobe RTMP (Flash)
  • Simple HTTP Streaming

Live and On-Demand streaming services can be delivered as:

  • Open to Anyone on the Internet.
  • Token-based Authentication.
  • Custom Authentication Schemes.

We can assist with selecting the most appropriate streaming option to your audience, the devices and platforms you wish to support (including Apple iOS, Google Android, HTML5) and the accessibility required.

Live Audio Streaming

Shoutcast/IceCast streaming provides MP3 and AAC+ (HE-AAC) streaming for Radio Stations that can be played back on any device.

In addition, Conexim can provide transcoding services between different codecs and bit rates, enabling you to distribute a single source stream to Conexim and we take care of providing different streams to accommodate diverse audiences and devices.

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