Managed MySQL

MySQL is the preferred database for a large number of eCommerce platforms, content management systems such as WordPress, and custom made applications that run on PHP, Ruby, the .NET framework or Java.

Managed Database Hosting (DBaaS) for MySQL

Conexim's team of expert Database Administrators build the supporting MySQL database hosting infrastructure for your applications while providing assistance with ongoing optimisation, troubleshooting and migration to support growing, always-online businesses.

MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Database

Managed MySQL

While most new deployments are built with Percona’s distribution of MySQL, Conexim supports the three major branches of the MySQL Database Server – Oracle’s mainline distribution of MySQL, MariaDB and Percona. Each of these distributions is largely compatible with the other, however each has a slightly different emphasis. Customers have a choice of three managed service levels which provide you with complete flexibility over how much Conexim’s database administrators (DBAs) assist with managing your database-driven applications. Features include:
  • Installation and optimised configuration.
  • Master-Slave and Multi-Master Replication to support high performance, high availability and/or Disaster Recovery
  • Interruption Free (no table locking) backups and options for Point in Time Restores
  • Extensive server and database monitoring and telemetry
  • Identify poorly performing queries
  • Consultation on table optimisation, indexing and partitioning
  • Identify queries that use potentially unsafe practices as opposed to parameter binding that may expose applications to SQL Injection Attacks
  • Cache and buffer optimisation
  • Assisted data migration

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