Microsoft SQL Server

An optimised database is critical to the performance of any application, whether it be integrated into a single server, or part of a large cluster servicing a multi-tier deployment.

Proven Experience

Conexim’s Managed SQL Server database solution, configured to your requirements, ensures that your applications provide optimal response times, are backed up, and take advantage of the many included management features. Conexim has almost two decades of experience administering SQL database hosting in Australia, and we can help you optimise SQL server applications for your organisation.

Managed Database Hosting for SQL Server

Conexim offers both SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 for new installations via cost effective month-by-month licenses under a Service Provider License agreement. Customers may also use existing licenses, provided they are in compliance with the applicable license agreement. Our service offering includes:

  • Installation and optimised configuration
  • Replication, log shipping and clustering configuration and monitoring
  • Backup services and configuration
  • Extensive server and database monitoring
  • Identify poorly performing queries
  • Consultation on table optimisation, indexing and partitioning
  • Assisted data migration

Breathe new life into legacy SQL Server applications

Conexim has migrated many customers from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 legacy applications (on-site or externally hosted) to modern secure environments with no-to-minimal effort. Speak to us today - we may be able to breathe new life into mission-critical applications that currently depend on unsupported, legacy database software.

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