Managed Database Hosting

Most websites and applications depend on some form of database to manage content, and this is where the first bottleneck issues often begin. As a trusted Australian partner to many businesses and organisations, Conexim has extensive experience running high performance applications that depend on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server to function.

Reliable and Optimised

Our Enterprise Managed Hosting services run on all common relational Database Management Systems (DMS) including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, My SQL and PostreSQL to ensure the reliability and optimum performance of your applications.

We can also assist with the deployment of future applications involving emerging NoSQL databases including Apache Cassandra and MongoDB, on our managed cloud virtual machines and dedicated servers.

Optimised Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Hosting

Our three managed service levels provide complete flexibility over how Conexim’s database administrators assist with managing your applications. We install database servers to match your requirements, while constantly adjusting the configuration for optimum performance thanks to our extensive monitoring and telemetry infrastructure. Our high availability and fault tolerant deployments ensure maximum reliability, and we carefully manage the patch and maintenance cycles in consultation with our customers.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our philosophy has always been to work closely with our customers to achieve desired results. In conjunction with our Database Administrators (DBA’s), we will assign a dedicated Technical Account Manager to work with your application architects and developers to assess your current deployment, and identify any existing bottleneck issues. By understanding how your applications depend on the database, we can establish performance and recovery expectations, and standard operating procedures that need to be considered. Our DBA’s can then design a solution that addresses your immediate and long-term goals based on years of operational experience.

Ongoing Maintenance, Optimisation and Support

Upon deployment of your optimised database hosting solution, Conexim manages the complete lifecycle of the installation. We provide ongoing database server monitoring to identify poorly performing queries and candidates for indexing and partitioning. We manage all database backups, plan for current and future capacity requirements, and analyse runtime information to fine-tune caching and buffers.

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Managed SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

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Managed Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

Conexim provide installation and optimised configuration, extensive monitoring and assisted data migration all via cost-effective month-to-month licenses - more