Fax-to-Email and IVR Services

Conexim Fax-to-Email and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services enable modern cloud-based applications to integrate with Voice and Fax services.

High Volume Fax-to-Email

Conexim’s high volume Fax-to-Email gateway enables businesses and enterprises help eliminate the need for running fax machines by conveniently converting them to emails.

The fax to email service will automatically deliver faxes to your email as PDF (or TIFF) attachments. Apart from the initial setup process, there are no other settings, software to download or changes to make.

As soon as a fax is received, this will be converted into an email with a PDF attachment – all you need to do is open the email up and click on the fax document. For enterprise fax services, there are several other methods of converting/encrypting and transmitting the fax document received.

The system also allows you to receive multiple faxes at once, eliminating any ‘busy’ lines situations.

The Fax to Email service is ideal for:

  • People on the move/telecommuters
  • Personal fax services
  • It is much cheaper than installing a dedicated fax line

The Fax Number

A phone number will be allocated to each fax to email service. This will become your dedicated private fax number. You can divert any other phone number to this fax number, or attach a 1300/1800 national phone service.

Interactive Voice-Response (IVR) Services

Conexim’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service is a cost effective outsourced alternative to traditional automated telephone-based IVR (interactive voice response) transactions for your business.

The service eliminates the high setup capital expenditure and fixed running costs associated with a conventional IVR System to provide extremely low per-transaction costs.

The IVR service is extremely flexible and highly scalable. Interactive options can be easily configured and extra phone lines and capacity can be added on demand. Service, pro-active maintenance and support is also included.

Interfacing with existing business processes can be automated through the system lowering staff and in-house equipment costs.

A typical application would be the paying of bills over the phone. Others may cover browsing options (i.e. a product catalogue) and requesting fax-back information to be sent back to a fax number. Confirming appointments, activating accounts, and many other applications are also possible.

Conexim helps build an IVR solution hosted from our high availability gateways and can interface with applications over XML/SOAP or RESTful APIs customised around your application’s requirements.

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