Business Web Hosting

Conexim uses the industry-standard cPanel control panel to provide small business websites and blogs with a reliable, low-contention web hosting service. This ensures your websites and applications are always available, performing as expected and secure, while deployment on common platform such as WordPress and Joomla is just a click away.

When reliability counts

We also have a reseller plan for web designers, IT service providers and other organisations so you can concentrate on building websites and delivering related services, while we manage the infrastructure. See below for detailed information about Business Web Hosting in Australia.

Performance and High Availability

Because there are fewer sites hosted per server, and the DNS is operated from Conexim’s global AnyCast network, there is less chance of your website experiencing any latency or availability issues. Your websites and applications are protected with RAID-10 SAN Storage, powered by Conexim’s high capacity network, and operated from high availability VMWare powered clusters, ensuring incredibly high performance levels.


You can be confident your website and applications are secure when they’re built according to cPanel best-practice implementation specifications, coupled with Conexim’s extensive management experience. We incorporate a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities, along with full email anti-spam and anti-virus software. Your web properties will be further protected with suPHP, Suhosin, CSF and LFD tools, patches and extensions.

Deploy the latest WordPress, Joomla and more in a single click

Conexim’s cPanel hosting provides access to Installatron, enabling you to install and maintain a library of common Content Management Systems and web applications. Installatron downloads the latest versions of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other common platforms, notifies you when new releases of these platforms are available, and assists in performing important backups.

Reseller Support

Conexim offers a reseller plan for web designers, IT service providers and organisations looking to host multiple websites while delegating control for managing mail and content to their customers using the cPanel WHM (Web Host Manager) interface. Resellers maintain full ownership and continue to be the first point of contact for their customers, freeing you up to build websites and other related products and services, while leaving infrastructure management to us.

Shared Hosting Plans

Conexim have a range of plans to suit various business sizes. Pricing and inclusions of each plan is detailed below.

  Small Medium Large/Reseller
Storage 1GB 20GB 50GB
Data Transfer 10GB 20GB 100GB
Mailboxes 2 10 Unlimited
Databases 1 5 Unlimited
Domains/Web Sites 1 2 Unlimited
DNS Zone Management Yes Yes Yes
FTP Accounts 1 5 Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reseller (WHM) No No Yes
Price $9.90/month $33/month $66/month

Shared Hosting Features

Feature Details
Latest cPanel Control Panel Yes
PHP Version 5.4.x
MySQL Version 5.1
MySQL management with PHPMyAdmin Yes
MySQL Spatial Extensions Yes
Multiple FTP Accounts Create restricted-access FTP Accounts to enable partial access to specific files on your site.
FTP with SSL Support Establish encrypted FTP connections to upload/download files.
Web Statistics Webalizer, Analog and AWStats
Email Access POP3 and IMAP - Compatible with iPhone and Android-based devices.
Secure IMAP, POP3 and SMTP Optional encryption between email clients and the mail server.
Secure Webmail Choose from a variety of Webmail clients including RoundCube, Squirrelmail and Horde
Secondary Mail Exchanger (MX) Geo-diverse Email Servers ensure you reliably receive email.
Spam and Anti-Virus Configurable Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus controls reduce junk email.
Global AnyCast DNS Fast response to DNS queries wherever your visitors are in the world.
Full DNS Management Includes Conexim's Enterprise DNS Services providing full DNS record management.
Raw Access Logs Access raw access logs to your sites.
Subdomains Create any number of sub-domains with for your site.
IPv4 and IPv6 Helps ease the transition to IPv6.
Ruby on Rails Hosting Available on Business and higher plans.

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