Managed Java Application Hosting

With Conexim’s high performance Java Application hosting service, your applications will remain constantly available to your customers while performing at peak levels.

Rock Solid Managed Java Application Hosting

We can host your applications across a range of operating systems while connecting them to any supported database. By providing high performance Java Application hosting in Australia, we offer you a fast, reliable and scalable solution so you can service more customers in a secure environment.

Conexim supports all major Java Application Servers / Servlet Containers including Tomcat, Oracle GlassFish, Jetty, JBoss (RedHat) to run just about any Java application your organisation may have.

Java Application Servers

Expertly Configured and Monitored

Java applications require careful monitoring and configuration to ensure they remain always-available and delivering the highest performance. Conexim Managed Hosting achieves this through:

  • Expert monitoring of key Java-related metrics with advanced telemetry and interfacing with JMX.
  • Proactive support that keeps you informed with resource utilisation on the server, including Disk, Network and CPU utilisation.
  • SSL Certificates / Key Store Management.
  • Reverse-proxy, Load Balancing and Web Application Firewalling configuration.

Supported databases and operating systems

Conexim can host your Java-based applications on Linux (RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS or Debian), FreeBSD or Windows, and provide full operating system support and maintenance as part of our service offerings. We can connect your application to any supported database including PostgreSQL, MySQL (including Percona and MariaDB), MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server from stand-alone machines to a large distributed cluster backed by our content delivery services.

Conexim managed hosting benefits

Our expert engineers can significantly reduce page load times using high performance infrastructure and reference architectures. You’ll be equipped to service more visitors to your site and applications with fewer resources, while delivering a consistent experience for your users wherever they are. Our extensive telemetry systems, covering OS, databases and applications, provides ongoing actionable feedback to improve configuration and performance levels. We operate to industry leading Service Level Agreements, and our emphasis on best-practice security helps protect online businesses from emerging threats and application vulnerabilities.

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