High Performance PHP/MySQL Hosting

Leverage Conexim's extensive experience in building blazingly fast managed PHP/MySQL hosting environments with an emphasis on security and high availability for off-the-shelf software and custom applications.

Scalable, Secure, Accountable

Do you have a PHP/MySQL web site or application that is slow to respond or doesn't appear to be scaling as you would expect? Are you looking for a best-practice implementation that can scale against unexpected surges in visitors to your site/application?

Call us and speak directly with an expert - we're yet to find an application that cannot be made to fly with our proven approach to implementation and architecture.

PHP, Nginx, Varnish, Redis, MySQL

The Conexim Advantage

Conexim helps you run off-the-shelf software including Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management and eCommerce solutions as well as custom-developed applications in secure, private environments that are optimised, secured and monitored for performance.

  • Conexim has the engineers, technology and partnerships to address virtually any requirement around high performance application hosting.
  • Conexim's engineers have development experience with many PHP development frameworks including CodeIgnighter, Laravel, Phalcon, CakePHP, Yii and Zend. Troubleshooting a complex problem is just a phone call away.
  • We run an extensive array of off-the-shelf CMS (Content Management Systems), eCommerce and custom built sites/applications. Everything we have learned from optimising these environments feeds into a stronger platform.

Architectural Features

Conexim’s high performance PHP/MySQL reference architecture is fully customisable to address any specific requirements. However, implementations typically include:

  • Debian/CentOS with optimised kernel and filesystem.
  • MySQL (Percona or MariaDB) fine-tuned by our MySQL database administrators to your application's database profile.
  • Redis or Memcached Key-Value store significantly reduces database queries.
  • Small footprint nginx web server serves more requests with substantially fewer resources - expertly configured to maximise caching.
  • Optimised PHP-FPM with intermediate code caching (APC/eAccelerator/Zend Opcache).
  • Deliver superior performance with JIT (Just-in-Time Compilation) using HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine / Hack Lang).
  • Web Application Firewalling (WAF) tuned to secure against vulnerabilities without compromising performance.
  • Meticulously configured mail delivery provides greater certainty that application generated emails are received by users.
  • Interruption free backups that ensure database integrity and configurable to provide point-in-time restores.
  • Can be deployed and migrated between one, two or three tier architectures with load balancing and Conexim's CDN.
  • Hosted from Data Centres in Australia, the US or anywhere within the Managed Amazon AWS footprint.

Hosting Benefits

Conexim's Managed Hosting for PHP/MySQL is designed to enable businesses running all types of PHP/MySQL applications including CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), online stores and more to focus on business - not the infrastructure that runs it.

  • Significantly reduce page load times over traditional LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installations.
  • Service more visitors to your site/application with fewer resources.
  • Deliver a consistent user experience wherever your users are.
  • Extensive telemetry covering OS, database and applications provides actionable feedback to continuously improve configuration and application performance.
  • Full service management under three management levels and industry leading SLAs.
  • An emphasis on best-practice security helps protect online business from the effects of emerging threats and application vulnerabilities.

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