Hosting for .NET/SQL Server Applications and Sites

Conexim specialises in optimised .NET/MSSQL hosting in Australia to operate critical internal and external business applications.

Mission Critical Hosting for any .NET/Microsoft SQL Server Application

Conexim designs and operates highly scalable and secure environments to host your Microsoft .NET/SQL Server based applications that meet specific requirements.

Focus on your Business, we look after your Applications

Conexim assigns dedicated Technical Account Managers to every account, with expertise and deep experience in the type of applications and platforms you run. The Technical Account Manager works as a single point of contact to your team and helps with:

  • Ongoing performance monitoring and analysis.
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks in delivering an outstanding user experience on every interaction.
  • Tailoring a holistic service that is ideally suited to your changing requirements.
  • Provide ongoing informed recommendations on improving and optimising performance, security and costs.

Supporting all .NET Applications

We’ve built secure, reliable and scalable solutions for thousands of web sites and applications using the .NET framework and SQL Server. These include bespoke sites and applications and those that run on off-the-shelf .NET-based CMS (Content Management Systems) including:

  • DNN Platform (formerly Dot Net Nuke).
  • Umbraco CMS.
  • Kentico CMS/E-Commerce.

Our experienced engineers assist with the complete design and setup of your applications and are responsible and accountable under industry-leading SLAs for the complete lifecycle, including:

  • Hardened IIS configuration on Windows Server 2012 (earlier versions also available for legacy applications).
  • Fine-tuned Application Pools for error recovery and application isolation.
  • Management of SSL certificates and encryption.
  • Load Balancing, Content Delivery and Web Application Firewalling.
  • Live Disaster Recovery Services.
  • Backup Management.
  • Database Administration assistance for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Help you scale at the speed of business with automation and orchestration.

In addition, we can run your PHP, Java, Rails and NodeJS applications alongside your .NET applications on the same platform with no compromise to performance.

Technical Know How

Conexim believes in collaboration, innovation and the sharing of ideas, and this philosophy extends to the way in which we work with our clients. We work closely with you to understand your evolving business needs, and provide ongoing guidance to ensure your customers have the best user experience possible. We have the experience, tools, technology and partnerships in place to service the needs of the most demanding websites and applications.

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