High Performance Hosting

Conexim designs and manages the complete lifecycle of solutions to optimise hosting performance requirements using our own high-availability VMWare-powered platform, Amazon AWS and other supporting services and infrastructure.

Scaleable high performance hosting

Conexim deliver scalable high performance hosting services and solutions to meet unanticipated demand for custom applications and many off-the-shelf eCommerce and Content Management Systems. See below for more information about Conexim Atlassian Jira and Confluence managed services.

High Performance Hosting

We see every customer’s web performance challenge as an opportunity to improve the reference architecture we use to address evolving performance needs. We start with a cloud-agnostic approach and look at every facet of the application to identify potential performance bottlenecks. With careful analysis using our extensive range of tools and experience, we make recommendations for scalable high performance hosting services based on the best deployment solution to address your ongoing and evolving needs. Our services are delivered using industry-leading Service Level Agreements for performance, availability and response times, and customers are frequently informed of the health and reliability of the infrastructure that supports their business.

Beyond High Performance

While performance of web properties is a priority for most businesses, Conexim ensures security, availability and scalability are given equal consideration. With organisations delivering new features more often, risk increases creating new challenges around scalability and security. Conexim provides simple, well-designed solutions unique to your organisation so you can concentrate your efforts on growing your core business safe in the knowledge you’re operating on a reliable and secure hosting environment.

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High Performance PHP/MySQL Hosting

Conexim utilises its extensive experience to build lightning fast PHP/MySQL environments with an emphasis on security and availability. Our proven approach to implementation and architecture will ensure your off-the-shelf software or custom applications respond quickly and scale against unexpected surges as you would expect them to.

High Performance  .NET/MSSQL Hosting

Conexim specialises in helping Australian and global businesses reliably and securely operate critical internal and external business applications hosted on the .NET platform. Conexim provides high performance computing resources, and expert proactive support to help meet your evolving needs. We’ve built secure, reliable and scalable solutions for thousands of websites using the .NET framework and SQL Server. These include bespoke sites and applications that run off-the-shelf .NET-based Content Management Systems.

High Performance Java Application Hosting

Conexim supports all major Java Application Servers / Servlet Containers including Tomcat, Oracle GlassFish, Jetty and JBoss (RedHat). As such we can run just about any Java application your organisation may have by providing reliable hosting on our enterprise managed hosting platform or on Amazon Web Services (AWS).