Enterprise DNS

DNS is at the foundation of your web sites, email, applications and cloud services. Deliver maximum availability and a consistent user experience with Conexim Managed DNS wherever your users are.

Simple and Secure

Conexim provides an easy to use interface to setup, import and maintain your DNS records. The managed DNS platform is accessed via Conexim’s management portal, providing powerful DNS functionality beyond basic DNS zone management.


  • Low latency, high performance with 12 global AnyCast servers.
  • Fully supports DNSSEC.
  • IPv6 resolution and AAAA records.
  • Supports any Resource Record type, including custom ones.
  • Supports Zone-Apex CNAMEs (ANAME).
  • Integrate with RESTful API and DDNS Support.
  • Advanced security with Role-Based Access Control, full Change Auditing and Multi-factor Authentication.
  • Import from BIND zone files or zone transfer.

Rich Feature Set

Conexim Managed DNS make securely administering DNS zones secure and straightforward. Key features include:

  • Conexim’s Global AnyCast network ensures low latency responses to DNS queries and helps defend against DDoS attacks
  • Full DNSSEC Support
  • Instant updates to DNS records through the Console, RESTFul API and Dynamic DNS updates
  • Supports any imaginable Resource Record Type
  • Zone Apex (Root) alias/CNAME support

Security Focused

With an emphasis on security, Conexim’s DNS platform ensures that all changes are made securely with:

  • Role-based Access Control – define fine-grained access control to individual users.
  • Full Change Auditing – see who changed what and when.
  • Restrict API access through PKI and also IP address.
  • Token-based Multi-factor Authentication.

Conexim Support

Conexim provides an amazingly easily to use interface to setup, import and maintain your DNS records. If you run into trouble, our first class team of DNS experts are ready to assist by email and phone.

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