Disaster Recovery Services

In the event of an IT failure or catastrophe, it’s vital that your business has a network disaster recovery strategies in place to manage issues before damage is done to your businesses reputation and profitability.

Knowledge and infrastructure you can rely on

At Conexim, our infrastructure maintains no single point of failure in any network, storage or compute element. Our data facilities maintain multiple levels of redundancy for power and cooling which are constantly monitored and maintained, and we design as much redundancy as possible into all infrastructures we deliver from third-party services. See below for detailed information about our Disaster Recovery Services.

Balancing Recovery Objects and Budget

Conexim provides customers with a range of custom designed solutions that help balance the competing objectives of budget, recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO). We design as much redundancy as we can into third-party infrastructure we deliver services from, including infrastructure inherently ‘designed for failure’ such as AWS, so customers enjoy the benefits of these resources without compromising availability in the event of failure. Our own infrastructure has no single point of failure in any network, storage or compute element, and our data centres maintain multiple levels of redundancy for power and cooling issues.

Disaster Recovery Services

Conexim’s Disaster Recovery data centre operates independently of the primary facility, and is used to deliver all levels of disaster recovery. These levels are based on recovery time and recovery point time requirements, and cost consideration for your business.

We help you be prepared

Conexim assists clients to develop effective disaster recovery strategies that involve people, processes and technology. We help remove the complexity and risk from disaster recovery with a straightforward approach. This includes assessing critical business applications and establishing components that need to be incorporated into a disaster recovery plan; establishing the amount of data your business can lose and the amount of time needed to recover in the event of a catastrophe while remaining operational, and propose recovery solutions; ensure disaster recovery policies and procedures reflect effective implementation of the disaster recovery plan; and provide ongoing monitoring and assist coordinated testing

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