Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Many businesses find it difficult to justify the costs associated with disaster recovery services given their complexity and how frequently they’re relied upon. However, should disaster strike and your IT services suddenly disappear, the consequences could be disastrous. Lost data, staff unable to do their jobs, unavailable websites and applications, revenue hits and damage to reputation are just some of the enormous consequences.


How Conexim can help

With Conexim, having a managed hosting solution for your organisation comes with the latest technology to protect against IT failure or catastrophe. Right across our infrastructure we have systems in place to ensure your websites and applications are safe. Our data centres are protected against power and heating emergencies, and are used by some of the world’s biggest companies including Google, Yahoo and Amazon AWS. When it comes to managed hosting services in Australia, you can feel confident that your IT safety needs are met with a Conexim hosting solution. Our data centres are regularly tested and monitored to ensure the highest safety standards are met, and are managed in accordance with applicable local laws governing privacy.

Right across our range of products such as our popular private cloud hosting, we have strategies and systems in place to protect your web properties. Because of these systems you can concentrate on developing outstanding products and services for your customers, safe in the knowledge our infrastructure is doing its job to protect your websites and applications. And should you have any concerns about the security of your IT services, 24/7 local expert support is just an email or phone call away.

See below for a detailed list of our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions and services. To discuss your requirements, the services we offer, and how we can help you achieve your strategic goals, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to working with you.

Disaster Recovery Services

In the event of an IT failure or catastrophe, it’s vital you’re business has strategies in place to deal with them before damage is done to your reputation and profitability. At Conexim, our infrastructure maintains no single point of failure in any network, storage or compute element. Our data facilities maintain multiple levels of redundancy for power and cooling which are constantly monitored and maintained, and we design as much redundancy as possible into all infrastructures we deliver from third-party services.

Compliance and Certifications

The majority of Conexim’s services are hosted from Australian data centres (except where noted otherwise) under local data jurisdiction, and managed in accordance with applicable local laws governing privacy. Our facilities and infrastructure provide all the necessary components to achieve PCI-DSS certification for your eCommerce sites. Our facilities are regularly audited and certificates can be supplied to qualified customers.

Our Data Centres

Conexim operates from private, isolated environments within globally recognised local data centres. Some of the world’s leading companies including Google, Yahoo and Amazon Web Services share our data centres. Our two Sydney facilities provide Australian and global businesses with high bandwidth, low latency access to users of Australian domestic internet providers, as well as international users in close proximity to the Southern Cross under sea cable.

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