Case Study – Mission Australia

“We chose Conexim as our hosting provider for their open source technology expertise and their outstanding customer service. Their support team have shown commitment to delivering results from every call and 100% uptime is a record not matched by any other hosting provider I have dealt with.”

Kerri McClymont – Mission Australia National Manager, Online Marketing


In the nineteenth century, Australia consisted of developing colonial settlements living among hundreds of Aboriginal tribes. These colonial settlements were sites of tremendous deprivation. Identifying a clear need for help, the City Mission movement, which had developed in the United Kingdom, found itself taking root in Australia. Over the next century, other City Missions were formed around the country by people concerned about the spiritual and physical needs of those living in poverty.

The City Missions operated in a time before government welfare or unemployment benefits existed and they were called upon to save many families from starvation. During the recession of 1890 and the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Mission halls were overflowing with people in need.

In 1978, Sydney City Mission started providing employment services, through its Vocational Employment Training Scheme (VETS). These employment services expanded to other areas of NSW, WA and SA. The Federal Government privatised the role of employment services in 1998 and Mission Australia won a significant share of those programs. Mission Australia are still one of the biggest employment providers in Australia today.

In 1996, the ‘mission family’ officially came together as Mission Australia - a single, unified organisation to provide an integrated approach to meet Australia’s changing social needs.

Our Solution

Mission Australia embarked on a selection process based on high uptime and personalised service in order to meet the evolving requirements of their web site.

Conexim responded with a solution that incorporates virtual machines hosted on a high performance cloud powered by VMWare supported by a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Mission Australia’s first point of contact assured them of not just personalised service but continuity. Their personally assigned technical account manager knew their setup, any problems that needed to be addressed and were able to knowingly help Mission Australia with any request brought up by them with regard to their service.

Outside of business hours, Mission Australia had 24x7 support, which assured them of continual uptime and the ability to address any problem at any time of the day.

Mission Australia Result

One of the requirements was a quick transfer from the existing infrastructure which was achieved through the execution of a detailed migration plan.

The TAM worked with Mission Australia to establish a detailed set of requirements and service specifications to deliver a suitable solution.

Conexim’s solution has freed up Mission Australia’s IT staff to work on other initiatives.