Supercharged Magento

Conexim's professionally managed Australian Magento Hosting helps online businesses unlock the full potential of the eCommerce platform.

Magento that Scales for Success

It's a common problem faced by many growing businesses using the Magento eCommerce Platform

The online store works well to begin with, however, business grows, you enable more functionality, increase inventories and attract more visitors to the site. Performance suffers or the site becomes unavailable and your success has reached a bottleneck.

Conexim's Managed Hosting for Magento makes this a thing of the past.

Our Magento solutions are fully managed, monitored and designed to quickly and efficiently scale as your business grows, or at short notice in response to a promotion or advertising campaign. This helps eliminate the risk of having an inadequate Magento powered eCommerce hosting solution that could impact on revenue and reputation.

Uncompromising Performance

Accommodating unpredictable load and delivering a fast, consistent user experience on every transaction is often the most challenging aspect of running a successful online business. We can help.

Conexim's experience, infrastructure and collaborative approach to building and managing high performance Magento implementations provides the partnership to enable you to focus on your online business, not the infrastructure that supports it.

High Performance Magento Features

  • Built with Conexim’s High Performance PHP/MySQL Hosting Architecture and Magento’s best practice implementation guidelines.
  • Access to Conexim's MySQL Database Administrators (DBAs) and Software Engineers to help troubleshoot the most challenging of issues.
  • Full service management under three management levels and industry leading SLAs.
  • Service more visitors to your site with fewer resources and at lower cost.
  • Deliver a consistent user experience that helps secure more sales wherever your users are with caching and CDN.
  • Extensive telemetry covering OS, database and the application server provides actionable feedback to continuously improve configuration and performance.

Scale in Sync with Business

Conexim helps online businesses operate successful Magento implementations at any stage of growth. From small implementations to large, Conexim designs and manages solutions that scale in terms of cost and infrastructure in line with revenue.

  • From a single server implementation to distributed global platform, our solutions are tailored to your requirements.
  • Flexible deployment options that use Conexim’s scalable High Availability virtualisation platforms or Amazon AWS.
  • Take advantage of Conexim’s extensive, high bandwidth Australian Network or distribute load with CDN.
  • Expert monitoring and reporting ensures adequate resources are allocated to evolving usage patterns.

Managing Risk with Security and compliance

When your organisation's reputation depends on the integrity, availability and security of your online store, Conexim has the well established processes, infrastructure and expertise to give you and your customers peace of mind.

Conexim's Managed Magento Hosting Features:

  • Run Magento from secure, isolated servers that protect your online business and help ensure compliant handling of your customer’s personal details and credit card information.
  • Our configurations and data centres provide a solid foundation to ensuring PCI-DSS compliance.
  • Services hosted on Conexim’s infrastructure are provided from ISO27001 audited and certified facilities.
  • Web Application Firewalling provides signature-based protection from known and unknown vulnerabilities.
  • ICSA-Certified Firewall Clusters maintain isolation between the internet, database and application servers.
  • Custom-designed installations that minimise the footprint of the implementation and therefore the attack surface.

Read more about Conexim's Managed Security Services.

Technical Excellence

Conexim’s experience in building custom hosting solutions incorporates a successful mix of expert engineers, high performance hosting platforms, and first-class support to build a successful online business.

  • Minimum-footprint, highly optimised Linux installations that maximise resource allocation to running Magento.
  • High performance nginx and/or Varnish caching fine tuned to the usage profile or your site ensures significantly more site impressions with fewer resources and lower latency.
  • Percona MySQL Database expertly configured by Conexim’s MySQL DBAs or Amazon RDS (Conexim Managed AWS only). Conexim assists with complete configurations that ensure high availability and interruption-free point-in-time backups.
  • Significantly reduce database bottlenecks with optimised Redis or Memcached key-value stores – deliver more content from memory than expensive disk-based database queries therefore reducing page latency.
  • Customers with Enterprise Management have direct contact with a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM), providing advanced troubleshooting, performance analysis and architecture feedback under a predictable cost model.

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