Application and SaaS Hosting

Conexim offers fully managed hosting solutions that deliver a consistent experience for your customers.

Customisable Solutions

Conexim helps deploy reliable, scalable and secure SaaS hosting solutions in Australia that evolve as your business needs develop. As such you are able to focus your efforts on delivering innovative products and services, while letting us worry about deploying, managing and monitoring applications.

Solutions for SaaS (Software as a Service Providers)

Conexim helps SaaS providers deliver applications to their clients, either on a multi-tenant or isolated basis and provides a complete lifecycle of managing infrastructure to support their needs. This includes deployment (automated or assisted), performance and availability monitoring, troubleshooting and ongoing consultation to ensure the hosting platform is always at the forefront. We help ensure customers have the right level of backup to meet business and compliance needs and offer a range of disaster recovery services that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Managed Application Hosting

Organisations rely on internal or public facing applications to support and drive their business. However, they often don’t have resources or expertise to manage the complexities of ensuring applications are always available and protected from increasing security risk.

Conexim supports a wide range of off-the-shelf applications and platforms in addition to bespoke software, developed in-house or by third party. Rather than employing skills internally, Conexim’s outsourced services are designed to be accountable, cost effective and provide peace of mind.

Tailored Solutions for Campaign Websites, eCommerce and Web Applications

Conexim specialises in rapidly deploying and scaling infrastructure to support high traffic, high profile internet properties. Conexim provides a consistent, repeatable method of managing unexpected traffic bursts while minimising the risk of overload and security compromise. Conexim can rapidly deploy customised hosting infrastructure to support a wide range of available applications including WordPress, Magento, Joomla and more.

Helping Manage the Complete Software Lifecycle

Fierce competition is increasingly driving the need to quickly test and deploy applications while at the same time, effectively manage associated risk. Conexim enables customers to remain agile by establishing managed infrastructure to face growing software challenges. Solutions include the integration of:

  • SCM (Source Code Management) Repositories including GIT, Mercurial and SVN.
  • Project Management Software including the entire Atlassian suite of products – Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Stash and more.
  • Rapid Deployment of Virtual Machines and associated infrastructure.
  • Deep monitoring, profiling and advanced telemetry of applications and databases on a variety of software development platforms.

Test and Development that closely reflects production environments.

Managed WordPress

Conexim’s managed WordPress solution enables more visitors to your site using fewer resources. Costs are minimised due to our hosting architecture, every user will enjoy a consistent, first-rate experience, and your site will be protected against all vulnerabilities. No matter your requirements, we have a solution to suit your needs, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on growing your business.

Enterprise Atlassian Jira and Confluence

For those requiring flexibility in deployment location and configuration we offer fully customisable configurations compatible with any Jira and Confluence plugin or add-on. We manage your backup requirements, and our service includes patching, assisted migrations and OS/Java Application Server optimisation and support. Our ongoing performance monitoring ensures predictable performance levels despite changes in demand.

Supercharged Magento

Just like our managed WordPress hosting solutions, our Magento powered eCommerce solutions enable more visitors to your site using fewer resources at reduced costs. Our solutions are scalable to evolve with your business, and your customer’s information remains safe with our advanced security features. Our ongoing monitoring means we can immediately improve configuration and performance without disrupting business operations.