Public Cloud Hosting

Conexim takes cloud hosting in Australia to unrivalled levels. We provide customers with fully tailored solutions from our ISO 27001 and SSAE16 (formerly SAS70-Type II) data centres. Conexim’s Cloud solutions are designed specifically to address your stringent security, availability and performance requirements.

Australia's Best Public VMWare Cloud Platform

As one of Australia's first Hosting providers to embrace virtualisation in 2001, Conexim has built one of the most reliable Cloud platforms on which to provide advanced hosting services on today.

As technology has evolved, Conexim's engineers continuously bring innovation to our Cloud infrastructure to help address the most stringent requirements around high availability, security and performance.

Our VMWare vSphere-powered virtualisation platform addresses these needs under industry leading Service Level Agreements that help you manage risk and support our confidence in building reliable, no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure.

Fault tolerance is built into all elements of the infrastructure for maximum availability and our high performance storage and servers means your users will enjoy a consistently responsive user experience on every interaction.

VMWare Professional Service Partner

Public and Private Cloud Virtualisation for Enterprises and SaaS Providers

Conexim Cloud is ideally suited to a wide range of customised deployments. Our engineers start with a thorough understanding of your business needs and work with you to build and maintain an implementation that suits your requirements. Users of Conexim’s Cloud services include:

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) providers needing to quickly deploy servers in a secure, highly available environment.
  • PCI-DSS Compliant E-Commerce Hosting.
  • Mission critical applications and web sites.
  • Custom business applications.
  • Corporate Web Sites.

Mission Critical Platform Features

Conexim’s virtualisation platform is powered by VMWare vSphere and uses fully supported Enterprise hardware from trusted vendors to provide our customers unrivalled reliability backed by industry leading SLAs.

No Single Point of Failure

  • Networking: Redundant switching, routing, firewalling and load balancing.
  • Connectivity: High capacity redundant connectivity to major Australian transit providers and internet peering exchanges.
  • Compute Nodes: Using VMWare High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduling, Virtual Machines seamlessly operate over a clustered environment, responding to imminent failure proactively.
  • Fault Tolerance: Using optional VMWare Fault Tolerance, Conexim can extend high availability further by running Virtual Machines that operate across data centres in lock-step for immediate failover.

High Performance Storage

  • Fault Tolerant: Fibre Channel multipathing to discrete fabrics provides high performance and fault tolerance.
  • High IOPS and throughput with low latency: Each Fibre Channel SAN spans over 240 hard drives to provide low-latency and high throughput.
  • Tier-1 and Tier-2: Use combinations of high performance (Tier-1) and low cost (Tier-2) SAN storage to address multiple requirements on the same implementation.
  • Scale as needed: Instead of over-provisioning storage, reduce costs by using what you need and increase as demand increases.
  • Clustering: Fully supports shared block storage based clustering such as Microsoft Cluster Services.

Rapid Deployment

Fast to deploy and scale without interruption: Quickly bring up new machines and add more RAM, vCPUs and Storage without interrupting users and applications.

Contention Free

Conexim’s VMWare cluster operates with substantially more resources than are subscribed to, providing guaranteed performance even in the event that a physical server should fail completely.

Fully Customisable

Conexim provides complete control over provisioned resources whether it be delivered from our Public Cloud or your own Private Cloud infrastructure. Virtual Machine configurations include:

  • Processors: Up to 16 vCPUs at full processor speed.
  • RAM: Up to 768GB RAM.
  • Connectivity: Gigabit Internet connectivity with up to 10Gbps between virtual machines for internal connectivity.
  • Storage: Up to 2TB of storage per disk – increase storage at any time without reboots (OS dependent).

Flexible Commitment Options

Conexim delivers computing resources under three different models depending on the requirements – Standard Configurations, Custom Configurations and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). In addition, services are available month-by-month or with attractive discounts for 12, 24 or 36 month contracts.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Customers can subscribe to raw resources including SAN Storage, vCPUs, RAM and Bandwidth (either volume based or 95th percentile utilisation). Any number of virtual machines can be allocated from these resources.

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