Managed Amazon AWS

Conexim brings together expertise and experience in building and managing secure, highly available managed hosting solutions to the global scale of Amazon AWS.

Superior Managed AWS

In the same way that virtualisation brought about a paradigm shift to how organisations consume computing resources for running application workloads, public cloud (or utility computing) evolves this further to enable online businesses to innovate faster than ever and scale costs in sync with demand.

As new applications and web sites are built and existing ones evolve to attract users globally, the need to scale, provide high availability and deliver a consistent user experience becomes paramount.

With increased demands on application developers and owners alike, new architectures that scale across geographical regions address these needs, but the complexity in designing solutions and proactively monitoring and managing them presents a number of challenges for business.

Conexim Managed AWS helps organisations exploit the efficiency of Amazon’s extensive infrastructure to address these challenges in a way that ensures costs are in lock-step with demand and allows them to ship updates more often with less risk.

Conexim Managed AWS

Using Conexim Managed Hosting on Amazon AWS, you will combine Amazon’s global infrastructure with our highly experience and passionate engineers who will design and manage customs solutions to deliver outstanding performance, security and availability. Solutions built using Amazon’s proven, best practice architecture is incredibly cost-effective on a global scale, and our extensive monitoring systems ensure your applications, databases and associated infrastructure makes the most of these resources. We will assign a Technical Account Manager to oversee your business requirements, delivering seamless infrastructure management of the Amazon AWS platform.

Complete Amazon AWS Support

Conexim builds solutions supporting a diverse range of Amazon AWS technology software for issues such as storage, load balancing, compute, SQL and CDN requirements. In addition, we offer connectivity between our Australian data centres and AWS, providing a potent mix of technology choice for building highly optimal solutions. We have been perfecting our Managed AWS solution for almost two decades to deliver the advanced levels of monitoring, management and support you are looking for.

Hybrid Deployments

If you have specific data jurisdiction and data sovereignty requirements, or there are technical deployment challenges on Amazon AWS, Conexim offers high-speed connectivity between AWS and our Australian data centres. By utilising both Amazon AWS and our Private Cloud, Managed Dedicated Servers and Co-Location services, we can find a solution to address your needs. Using the Conexim Cloud we can set up development environments with Amazon AWS to run production infrastructure, use low-cost S3 storage for off-site backups to Conexim Services, and provide network isolation between AWS Services and information hosted in its data centres to maintain compliance requirements.

Rapid Deployment and Automation

Organisations are increasingly turning to DevOps to help reduce development lifecycles, automate testing and ship new features for applications more often. This represents a new paradigm for many organisations as fierce competition drives rapid innovation. At Conexim we can help you establish infrastructure to quickly test and deploy new developments, either using Amazon AWS or our own platforms. We can help to establish and build the right architecture and automation platforms so server management becomes a seamless part of the software deployment process. As a result, the provision of resources will always be in sync with requirements and demand.

Bridging the Gap

Amazon AWS consists of a highly scalable suite of services, and the user interface allows extensive levels of control to organisations that have the staff and skills to manage it. While AWS may conceal the complexity of the extensive infrastructure somewhat, it doesn’t hide the need to professionally design and manage its services to deliver secure, scalable and high performing solutions. Hiring staff with the right skills and expertise can be a costly and risky exercise for organisations, which is where Conexim can bridge the gap for you. We help our customers to take full advantage of the AWS stack, make the right database management decisions, and ensure high availability via multi-AZ deployments. We ensure there is the appropriate level of monitoring, particularly around the critical infrastructure, and suitable levels of security are in place, exceeding PCI-DSS standards and others.

Managed Services

AWS represents a cost effective way of acquiring extensive, global resources at scale. However, addressing high availability, security and compliance issues requires a level of management that compliments these resources beyond Amazon’s self-service delivery. Conexim offers a range of management services including Managed Database Hosting, and High Performance Managed Hosting for PHP/MySQL. Find out more about Conexim’s Managed Service Levels here.

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