Hybrid Cloud Hosting

As Cloud Computing continues to evolve in response to the growing need to deliver innovative services faster with greater scalability, increasing reliance on cloud computing and emerging threats also mean organisations need greater flexibility more than ever to address complex risk and compliance needs.

Removing the Complexity from Infrastructure Choice

Online businesses have more choice than ever in cloud infrastructure. But what about managing risk?

Conexim makes it straightforward for organisations to take advantage of these infrastructure options while still providing the same levels of management, security, consultation and support customers have come to enjoy on Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers and Co-Located equipment.

With the commoditisation of network, storage and compute resources, Conexim works with customers to establish the right mix between cost effective, scalable solutions run from utility cloud services that operate across geographical regions and infrastructure fully operated and managed by Conexim under Australian Data Jurisdiction.

We can design trusted hybrid solutions that encapsulate Private Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Managed AWS, and Co-Location for legacy software, delivered in a seamless, connected environment.

Our network security can be customised to deliver varying degrees of isolation between elements of the implementation to your exact requirements.

Regardless of the technology choice, the result is always the same: Customers are able to focus on innovation while Conexim provides consistent management, security and support across all technology platforms - regardless of the requirements defined by applications and compliance needs.

Data Sovereignty and Data Jurisdiction

Government entities and enterprises servicing Australian users are finding themselves increasingly subject to complying with legislation governing privacy, Data Sovereignty and Data Jurisdiction, particularly when storing and transmitting personal information of their users.

While AWS and Azure are subject to the U.S. Patriot Act, organisations sensitive to such legislation are not necessarily removed from using these services as part of their technology mix.

Conexim's Hybrid Cloud Hosting starts with a fundamental understanding of your organisation's unique business requirements around compliance and implement solutions involving Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers and Co-Location in a manner that supports a broader move toward utility computing.

Secure Connectivity

Using Amazon Direct Connect and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), AWS can become an extension of infrastructure managed by Conexim with as much or as little access between Conexim hosted and AWS infrastructure as you allow.

With Conexim's direct connectivity to Australian peering networks including MegaPort, customers have direct, Layer-2 access between their offices, infrastructure managed on Conexim's private platforms and also AWS and Azure.


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