Dedicated Servers

Conexim Managed Dedicated Servers support requirements around running private virtualisation, addressing complex software licensing requirements and applications that run best on bare-metal.

Custom Configured and Managed SuperMicro and Dell Servers

Virtualisation has brought new levels of scalability and reliability to running applications and databases, however, there remain many use cases which require the use of bare-metal servers to run. Conexim's Managed Dedicated Servers enable customers to run applications with specific software licensing requirements, greater customisation over storage and connectivity or the need to run a specific hypervisor.

To address these needs, Conexim offers custom-designed and managed dedicated servers from Dell and SuperMicro configured with the highest levels of redundancy possible (dual power, multi-homed networking, redundant storage) with spares kept on site for immediate replacement.

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Flexible Configurations

Common use cases for Conexim Managed Dedicated Servers include:

  • Gaining cost efficiency in running Oracle Database.
  • Run any hypervisor such as VMWare ESXi, OracleVM, Hyper-V, Xen (XenServer, OpenStack etc) or KVM in a private, isolated environment.
  • Applications that incorporate shared-storage based clustering*.
  • Services for VoIP including the provision of BRI and PRI telephony.

* In most cases, Conexim can also run these types of applications from our Public and Private Cloud infrastructure.

Maximum Reliability

All of Conexim’s facilities offer high degrees of redundancy in power, cooling, connectivity and network equipment.

  • Servers multi-homed with bonded/teamed network interfaces for both internet and internal connectivity
  • Redundant connectivity with multipathing for Fibre Channel Storage (when used with SAN Storage)
  • Redundant SAS/Enterprise SATA Local Storage (Hard Drive and/or SSD) with RAID
  • Dual, High Efficiency Power Supplies

Conexim also maintains hot-spare hardware of all standard configurations on site, including on-site components for immediate replacement under a strict SLA. Where high availability is required, but physical servers must be used, Conexim can provide clustering across multiple physical servers backed by Fibre Channel SAN Storage.

Standard Configurations and Built-to-Order

Conexim maintains standardised configurations that are frequently reviewed to ensure we’re offering the latest available configurations and pricing. We use the latest Dell and SuperMicro Servers - please contact us to discuss your specific hardware requirements.

Processors: One or two sockets running Intel Xeon Processors with 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 cores each.

RAM: From 4GB to 1TB.

Connectivity: Up to 10Gbps Ethernet, 8Gbps Fibre Channel and 56Gbps InfiniBand


  • Enterprise SSD (Solid-State Disk) RAID.
  • SAS and SATA RAID.
  • Dual-homed Fibre Channel Storage.
  • Dual-homed NFS, CIFS and iSCSI NAS.
  • Up to 8 bays in a single server, or expanded with SAS-attached DAS.

High Performance Computing

Contact us to discuss options for options for providing services around High Performance Computing (HPC) including:

  • High Performance NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs for Scientific Computing.
  • High Speed InfiniBand Server Interconnect including RDMA.

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