Cloud Hosting

Conexim's team of expert engineers work with clients from design, to implementation to provide secure, scalable and cost-effective hosting solutions to support the most demanding application's bespoke requirements.

Cloud Hosting Services

Working as an extension of your team, Conexim Hosting helps businesses and enterprises run web sites and applications in a secure, high performance environment tailored around unique requirements.

Businesses are facing increasing pressure to reduce the costs of IT and deliver new features faster. Conexim's industry-leading experts help businesses running all types of web sites and online applications, whether they be delivered to their clients under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model or to support line-of-business applications.

Conexim's Hosting Services are platform-agnostic and are delivered on one or more infrastructure platforms, whether it be Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Private Cloud,.

Public Cloud

Designed specifically to address stringent security, availability and performance requirements, our public cloud services can deliver to your exact specifications.

Hybrid Cloud

Achieve the benefits of integrating your on premise infrastructure with the cloud offered by Conexim to deliver a highly secure and seamless hybrid cloud.

Private Cloud

Realise the potential business and security benefits by utilising a private cloud hosted in Conexim. Fully customisable and hypervisor agnostic.

Customised, Secure and Accountable

Over the past two decades, Conexim has built a strong reputation as a leading Australian hosting platform provider. This has been achieved through substantial investment in technology, development of innovative products and solutions and providing industry leading service and expertise.

Our service success is attributed to a pioneering approach of providing one point of contact for each hosting account with individual engineers matched to accounts based on required skills. You're never far away from expertise and solutions.

Aligning Technology with Business Objectives

Our experienced engineers start by acquiring an understanding of your business needs during initial consultations. We then work with you in translating high-level requirements around security, scalability, availability and performance into hosting solutions that are tailored perfectly to current and emerging needs.

Flexible deployment options

Conexim Hosting Services are delivered from infrastructure hosted in our local Australian data centres, through our comprehensive global network and our partnerships with commodity resource providers such as Amazon AWS. Our extensive experience ensures the right solution for your hosting requirements will be delivered from day one, and evolves as your business grows.

Above and Beyond Server Management

Conexim has worked tirelessly for almost two decades with local and global enterprises to perfect our suite of services, and an approach to hosting with an unrivalled degree of service. Customers are assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM), matched to the account based on the services subscribed to and the expertise required. The TAM is your accountable, single point of contact, capable of supporting most requests without lengthy delays caused by complicated escalation paths. [/raw]

Breaking down the barriers of Hosting

By fully understanding the inner operations of your applications, we are able to deliver appropriate technology that is optimised, secure, continually monitored and kept up to date. Our engineers will work hand in hand with you during the design phase, before supporting you during deployment to ensure successful implementation. Should we discover any performance bottlenecks through our database and application profiling techniques, we can assist in make these processes run more efficiently as well.

After deployment we continually monitor and analyse performance. When required we proactively address any problems within the environment, making sure your sites and applications are performing to a high consistency and availability level.

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