Case Study – aussieBum

“Over the past 12 months, we have not experienced any downtime or latency on our website. Our business is 100% web based and with well over 45,000 visitors per month our online store runs faultlessly!!”

Sean Ashby – CEO - AussieBum


In 2001, director Sean Ashby started aussieBum when he couldn’t find the style of swimwear he grew up with. The company had an inauspicious launch in the middle of the dot-com bust, and at the time the original website ran from a suburban lounge room, created by Ashby. Joined by co-director Guyon Holland, they created a new market by bringing back the classic speedo-style Aussie cossie and introducing digital prints and other vibrant designs.

Since starting out with only AU$20,000 in 2001, aussieBum is now a multi-million dollar global enterprise, employing over 30 people, manufacturing over 150 different styles of products. The company has doubled in size each year since its founding.

The company has no sales representatives overseas but relies on the strength of the company website. The brand has a popular online following with the aussieBum being the 7th most popular search term in Australia. Cultivating the image of a larrikin Australian has also helped the company in getting noticed in overseas markets where residents are curious about Australian culture.

The Conexim Connection

When aussieBum engaged Conexim, an assessment was conducted to determine aussieBum’s requirements for the present and to allow for a high degree of scalability. This included a hosting partner who could provide:

  1. High volume of traffic and hits
  2. Low latency
  3. Solution reliability

Conexim discussed their requirements and assured them that all their specific requests could be met through the use of our extensive high capacity national network.

Conexim peers with PIPE Networks, Equinix, Google, Microsoft and more with transit through to Verizon, Telstra, Optus and AAPT.

Continued Growth

Both Australia and the Overseas business of AussieBum is growing exponentially. As a failover test, AussieBum switched it’s International US site to the Australian website to test for any vulnerabilities.

Conexim was able to sustain the global load of visitors to aussieBum’s ecommerce site with data peaking at 50Mbit. The test ran flawlessly and proved that their Australian presence would not be the Achilles point of failure if required to handle an outage through aussieBum’s International sites.

Conexim has scaled the aussieBum solution to meet their increasing needs and has enjoyed extreme growth with no impact on the visitor experience.

Conexim provides a high level of service and support to meet the changing needs of aussieBum’s evolution with dedicated technical and account contacts backed by a local Australian-based support team.

AussieBum has been extremely pleased with the fact that there have been no outages over the lifetime of the service, which is governed by a strict SLA.