Enterprise Atlassian JIRA Hosting and Confluence Hosting

Businesses focus on collaboration and development while Conexim provides private, secure and highly available managed hosting for the applications that support it.

Collaborate More, Manage Less

Conexim provides secure, highly available Managed Hosting for Atlassian applications such as JIRA and Confluence within Australia.

If you are looking for a custom deployment of JIRA or Confluence, but are concerned about spending too much time managing the infrastructure that runs it, we can help.

Conexim provides infrastructure and integration between Atlassian Products including:

  • JIRA Software, JIRA Agile and JIRA Service Desk
  • Confluence
  • HipChat
  • BitBucket Server (formerly Stash) and FishEye Source Code Management
  • Crowd Identity Management
  • Bamboo Continuous Integration

Conexim's Managed JIRA Hosting and Confluence Hosting helps take the risk out of running and maintaining these applications and can be used for providing powerful collaboration tools to your business or enterprise or as part of a DevOps solution to help deliver and deploy applications on Conexim's infrastructure faster and with fewer problems than ever before.

From Concept to Deployment

Atlassian's software helps software developers and project managers get more done faster and Conexim helps organisations make the most of these applications by customising deployments around unique requirements in an isolated environment.

Collaboration Tools

  • JIRA Software helps project managers keep track of tasks, assignments and deadlines.
  • JIRA Agile enables software developers manage projects of any type that are built under an agile methodology such as Scrum or Kanban.
  • Confluence is where you create, organise and discuss work with your team.
  • HipChat provides private and group chat for organisations and enables integration with many third party applications.

Private Source Code Management

Many organisations have security policies that require commercially sensitive source code to be maintained in an isolated environment. This does not necessarily mean that that the features and benefits of cloud-based Source Code Management (SCM) services cannot be realised. Conexim runs customised installations of BitBucket Server to help organisations realise these benefits while operating from an isolated environment.

Continuous Integration

With the need to deliver new features to customers sooner, customers are quickly moving toward automating build, test and releases within a single workflow. Bamboo is a continuous integration and delivery tool that ties all of these processes together. Bamboo integrates alongside JIRA Software and Bitbucket Server providing a fully traceable deployment pipeline.

Using remote build agents, Conexim helps organisations deploy changes in highly scalable environments using Docker Containers on any platform. Coupled with Conexim's Managed Hosting Services, your developers are able to focus on building amazing software without the distraction of managing integration and deployment workflows under a DevOps model.

Flexible Configuration and Deployment Locations

For greater flexibility in deployment location and configuration than the standard Atlassian on-demand product, Conexim can manage the JIRA and Confluence installations for you.

We offer fully customisable configurations that are compatible with any JIRA and Confluence plugin or add-on. Your Atlassian applications will be hosted within the Managed Amazon AWS footprint, and our custom deployments address specific compliance requirements while continuing to use your existing licenses.

The Conexim Advantage

  • Run any compatible plugin/add-on on JIRA and Confluence.
  • Hosted from ISO 27001 Certified Data Centres in Australia or the US on Conexim's no-single-point-of-failure VMWare Cluster or anywhere within Conexim's Managed Amazon AWS footprint.
  • Provide single sign-on with integration between Crowd and your Active Directory Domain or Google Apps.
  • Fully customisable configuration to your requirements.
  • Custom deployments that help address specific compliance requirements around data jurisdiction/data sovereignty and change management (UAT and Development environments).
  • Use your existing licenses.
  • You're always in control of your data.

Hassle free management

Because Conexim manages installation and maintenance of the infrastructure, you can focus your attention on development and collaboration. We partner with Atlassian and Service Rocket to provide completely integrated JIRA and Confluence deployments.

  • Fully Managed installation and maintenance.
  • Conexim partners with Atlassian and consulting partner, Service Rocket (formerly CustomWare) to provide complete integrated JIRA and Confluence deployments that address specific business needs.
  • Managed backups that meet specific requirements.
  • Includes patching, assisted migrations (into our environment and between major upgrades) and OS/Java Application Server optimisation and support.
  • Extensive telemetry and proactive performance monitoring ensures a consistent user experience at all times.

Technical Features

Conexim provides complete flexibility over the configuration of JIRA Hosting and/or Confluence.

  • Expertly configured with comprehensive performance and utilisation monitoring/reporting that ensures predictable performance as usage profiles change and user bases grow.
  • Establish private source code repositories within the same environment including Git (with or without Atlassian BitBucket Server - formerly Stash).
  • Public or behind-the-firewall implementation with optional VPN access.
  • Run Atlassian Crowd Identity Management for Active Directory and Single Sign-On.
  • Deployed with customer-accessible database - either Conexim DBA-Managed MySQL (Percona/MariaDB) or PostgreSQL.

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