Private Cloud

Conexim Private Cloud is based on our Public Cloud architecture, but allows organisations with strict security, isolation (or specific cloud-like scalability licensing requirements) and reliability requirements, to have complete control over what resources are shared.

Conexim's Private Cloud, Your Way

Conexim Private Cloud solutions provide dedicated compute nodes running hypervisors such as VMWare vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer or OpenStack. Flexible storage options include Dedicated Volume on Shared SAN or Dedicated SAN using Fibre Channel, SATA, SAS and Solid-State Flash Disk.

We also offer a range of networking options from Shared Networking with Isolated VLANs and Firewall Zones, to completely isolated hardware firewalling, load balancing and switching.

Conexim Private Cloud is the ideal choice for enterprises and online businesses looking for high-security (including PCI-DSS compliance and certification), high-performance Australian Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that scales in lock-step with business.

Dedicated, private resources customised to your needs

Conexim Private Cloud can be provided as infrastructure-managed (IaaS), or fully managed, depending on your application and access requirements. With extensive connectivity options, it also seamlessly integrates with Conexim's Public Cloud infrastructure and Amazon AWS.

If you choose our infrastructure-managed option, we will provide full support, monitoring and management of all infrastructure including the virtualisation hypervisors, up to the hypervisor level. You will have full control over the management and lifecycle of virtual machines on the cluster. If you choose the fully managed option, we will provide complete management of the infrastructure, virtual machines, their operating systems and associated components under our standard management service policy.

Our Private Cloud solutions can be deployed to our Public Cloud infrastructure during periods of high load, providing you with the perfect blend of isolation and flexibility where elements of your application allow. To address risk, compliance and management issues while delivering high performance levels at the appropriate scale, we also provide the perfect blend of shared and non-shared resources, and managed and unmanaged elements of the single environment.

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